Valentine’s Day Isn’t Just for Lovers

I think Valentine’s Day is becoming one of my favorite holidays, and I’m not just saying that because I have a valentine this year for the first time ever.

It wasn’t until last year when I stopped resenting Valentine’s Day and realized that it’s not only a day for lovers; it’s a day to celebrate love, whether it’s romantic love, or just plain love. Whether it’s love for your boyfriend, or love for your best girl friend. Whether it’s love for your fiance, or love for your family. Whether it’s love for your spouse, or love for yourself, Valentine’s Day is a day to say it out loud.

I wrote about the notion of celebrating self-love last Valentine’s Day; I had some ideas of how I wanted to show love for myself on the so-called “couples” holiday, carried out those ideas, and it turned out to be one of the best V-Days I’ve ever had! So I’ve decided to re-post what I wrote in hopes to inspire whoever reads this, single or taken, to think of Valentine’s Day as more than just a day for people in relationships: it’s a day to celebrate your loved ones, but most importantly, you.


Like most single girls, I wasn’t looking forward to Valentine’s Day: the no-card, the no-chocolates, the no-flowers, and the no-special plans with a special someone. I was dreading the inescapable reminder that I am single with no man in hindsight and HEY! Let’s rub it in with a commercialized Hallmark holiday to make me even more aware of my single status because shame on me for being single and don’t I know that being single is bad?

Yes, I was definitely cringing the moment I heard someone mention the words “Valentine’s Day.” But then I read Chelsea’s post about Valentine’s Day Revolutions. And then I read Nikki’s post about how Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples and romantic love, but for everyone. And then I read Lexa’s post on how when you’re single, that doesn’t mean you’re alone. It means you’re free. Together. Whole.

After reading all of these brilliantly inspiring posts, I went from dreading the holiday to actually looking forward to it. Like, counting-down-the-days excited, because I was planning on having a Valentine’s Revolution of my own. I was going to take myself out on a date and get pampered. I was going to show love for myself and everyone around me. I wasn’t going to mourn the fact that I’m single and without that “special someone.” Instead, I was going to rejoice the fact that I’m free, together, and whole.

Now that the holiday I was looking forward to is finally here, my plans for the day will proceed as stated above. For my date and day of pampering, I’m going to practice yoga, treat myself to lunch, get a pedicure, and do some shopping. To show love for those around me, I’m making valentines for my co-workers since we’ll all be working tonight. To celebrate my freedom, I’m going to buy myself flowers, eat some chocolate, and not feel guilty or embarrassed about any of it.

Today, I’m not going to celebrate romantic love, I’m just going to celebrate love. I’m going to celebrate me.


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